The stigma of blindness affects people psychologically and often leads to decreased social and self-acceptance. The disability is exacerbated in the case of visually challenged people belonging to the lower economic strata – those who cannot afford expensive technologies designed for the blind people. In our era of technological advancements and innovations, is there a solution to the plight of visually challenged people? Indeed, there is!

Genesis of Taparch

Keen observation was doneto identify the conventional walking methods of the visually impaired. Majority of them around >80% use hoover canes whilst the rest were dependent on echolocation, guiding dogs, personal assistance etc... Therefore, we realized that there is no significant and economical technology available to cater to the needs of the visually impaired. With that thought in mind, we invented TAPARCH that works on the principle of "Sense of Touch", and lets the user identify the distance and dimension of the obstacle ahead with ease.

Here's a designed pair of shoes, Taparch

Footwear facilitating easy & faster mobility of visually disabled


Assistive tactile technology facilitating easy & faster mobility of visually disabled complementing Hoover canes

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Outer sole of Taparch is designed after detailed research and thorough testing to provide extra grip, so you can walk on any surface with confidence.

Anti-Slippery footwear

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With just three buttons, Taparch is simple to operate. Functions for each button are clearly defined so that you don't have to remember complex procedures.

Easy interaction with taparch

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Costing just as much as your typical pair of footwear, Taparch strives to provide way more functionality while keeping the costs down.

Cost Effective

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Taparch is strong enough to handle rough use, so that your walks aren't limited just on the road. It is strong yet breathable, so that you don't feel uncomfortable even after wearing it for long hours.


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Taparch can be treated just like your ordinary shoe - no special maintenance is required to operate it.

Low maintenance

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Defects are rare but even for one of those rare times, Taparch let's you know through a buzzer which emits sound intermittently when the shoe faces a glitch.

Mistake Proof

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Taparch has a built in mechanical harvester, which generates electricity as you walk. An efficient nano-wattage circuit ensures that Taparch is used more and charged less.

Energy Generator

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Built around your foot, Taparch utilizes the best of ergonomic design practices so that your comfort remains a priority.


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Designed by experts at the National Institute of Design, Taparch merges both form and functionality to create a product that's easy to use and admire.

Advanced artistic design

Taparch Awards

Taparch, awarded as one of the top innovations of the Country India, 2014.

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The Innovation Center conducts Research & Development of inclusive, affordable tool devices to facilitate the short-comings of disabled people in the global context and also quest on the sustainable energy resources.

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